Breaking News – LVG Finally Explains Why He Sold Hernandez, Van Persie and Falcao

Manchester United boss Louis Van Gaal has incurred the wrath of his club’s fans by actually justifying to the world media exactly why he let three talented forwards leave the club during the last summer transfer window. And if that wasn’t enough, the Dutchman then went on to declare that he does not regret selling any of those players.

Speaking to the media ahead of his side’s clash against Swansea City, Van Gaal started out by saying that he considered goalscoring to be a problem for United, but the solution to it can be found on the training pitch instead of the transfer market.

The Dutchman said, “That [goalscoring] is our problem. It can be solved with money, but also on the training pitch. We are training, but scoring goals is a quality. We have that quality, but at this moment there is a lack of confidence at the right time, [so we continue to work] or we need to buy another striker. It is always like that.”

Van Gaal further elaborated on this matter as he picked on the importance of luck.

He said, “When you analyse the matches, we are always capable of playing in our style where we created chances and were the dominating team. But we didn’t score. I think that we need the luck of a striker. There are several players who have played in the striker’s position and they need luck. How many players have had the chances to score and why didn’t they score? You cannot always explain that, so, of course, we are looking always for solutions in the team.”

Earlier in the season, Van Gaal allowed Robin Van Persie, Radamel Falcao, Javier Hernandez to all leave the club on permanent deals. The sale of Falcao and Van Persie have been justified as both these players have struggled to make an impact for their respective sides, but Javier Hernandez has been a revelation after he scored 19 times in 24 appearances.

When asked about the Mexican international, Van Gaal said, “We could have kept all the strikers, but then there would have been a lot of strikers in the stands. They are not happy then and they want to go away. That is the story of Hernandez, for example. He wants to play, but I can imagine that he can’t always play in this world.”

“There are now players in my selection who want to play, but they cannot play because I choose another player. That is always like that. Too many strikers of high quality for the same position is too much pressure, but now I don’t have the chance to change. We still have a good team and we can still score goals. I am convinced of that. But we also need a little bit of luck.”

2015 has been a dismal year for Manchester United and Van Gaal better hope that he and his team get that “little bit of luck” that he’s been asking for because if he doesn’t get it too soon, his United career may well be over.

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