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BREAKING NEWS: Welcome to England Guardiola! Manager Just Revealed His Next Move at Official Press Conference

Pep Guardiola has finally confirmed he’s moving to England this summer. Bayern Munich announced last month that the coach had decided not to extend his 3-year contract and they named Carlo Ancelotti as his successor.

Today, Guardiola revealed to news conference that he’s indeed moving to England. “I want to coach in Premier League,” Guardiola said. “That is the reason I did not prolong my contract.”

The former Barcelona coach is linked with Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal. However, he dismissed rumours saying a deal with City is already done, saying: “I have offers from England, but I have not signed a contract yet. When I have a new contract, then we will communicate it. I can’t say more right now.”

“If I were as old as Jupp Heynckes was during his last stint, I would have stayed,” he said. “But I am still young enough, only 44 — I want a new challenge now. Three years are enough. I am not comfortable with staying at one club for 30 years. I want new restaurants, a new city, a new challenge.

“When I got to Munich, people asked, ‘Why Germany and not England?’ I want to experience the emotions there. Why England? That’s my instinct right now.”

Guardiola touched his fantastic bilance at Munich: “Losing only once in 51 home matches in three years here is better than winning the Champions League for me.”
Guardiola also talked about Carlo Ancelotti as his successor, “Coaches come and go but I think Carlo Ancelotti is a perfect choice to take over and I wish him the very best.”

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