Chelsea Coach Makes SHOCKING Revelation – Cech Move To Arsenal Set To Be Blocked

Chelsea’s goalkeeping coach Christophe Lollichon has accused the Stamford Bridge club of blocking his move to London rivals Arsenal. This could mean Cech who has always gone every where with his personal coach may after all not be joining Arsenal

Lollichon has been a long time ally of Chelsea legend Petr Cech and himself joined the Blues when the Czech International signed for the club more than a decade ago. However , with Cech tipped to join Arsenal this summer , Lollichon is widely expected to follow suit.

However , he has been quoted by French newspaper L’Equipe on Saturday saying that his move to Arsenal isn’t as straightforward as many would expect , and that he harbors fears that Chelsea will be holding him back and blocking any move to the Emirates.

The Frenchman was quoted as saying : “For now, it does not matter. No contact has been made. I do not know if this has been discussed between the two clubs, but I do not think Chelsea will be favourable.”

However, Lollichon might have no one else to blame for his current predicament but himself , as he has reportedly struggled to keep his mouth shut over the years and revealed quite a lot of internal happenings at the Stamford Bridge club to the French media. He was reportedly the culprit who revealed the details of Chelsea’s move for Rooney a couple of seasons ago , along with several other smaller matters.

He has also been involved in criticizing players from other clubs in the French Media.

These are reportedly the very traits that have convinced Chelsea to block his move as they are wary of someone with such reputation speaking about them and the day-to-day matters at the club so freely in the media .

Arsenal , for their part , are a closely knit club where one single man in Arsene Wenger is involved in all the key decisions. The Frenchman may not prefer such a loose cannon as Lollichon in Arsenal’s ranks and risk putting the secrecy of reported transfer dealings on the line.

Lollichon seems to have put himself in a tight corner by his past misdemeanors and slips of tongues. For any move to Emirates with Cech to materialize, he may now have to convince both Arsenal and Wenger that he has finally mended his old habits.

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