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Chelsea Could ANNOUNCE Transfer Of £18m On Monday, Deal Practically Done

Duo Clubs Chelsea and Fiorentina are to wait till end of today to know the destination of Mohammed Salah and if he will be extending his loan deal in Italy as reports from TMW have revealed.

Mohamed Salah did not do too well while at Chelsea, but he has been simply sensational since joining Fiorentina in the January transfer window, and the Italian club are now keen to keep the Egyptian at the club for longer.

Trust counts for so much in football and when you lose Jose Mourinho’s, you’re toast.

Just ask Mohamed Salah.

The Egyptian is one of a long list of players who have failed to seize the opportunities the Chelsea boss has afforded them and within 12 months he has been sent packing from Stamford Bridge.

Mourinho is a ruthless character. Football may be a team sport, but he is a manager who thinks about one thing: himself. In some walks of life, that’s not a particularly endearing quality. In football, it can mean everything.

Behind the genius of Mourinho the coach is the burning desire for him to set records, to break records and, in the process, write his name into history. He did it at Porto, at Chelsea, at Inter Milan and in Madrid. Now he’s back in west London, he’s on course to do it all again.

Without a playing career of any note, Mourinho’s needed to use that desire to drive him. It’s been his greatest asset at times. And when a player shows the slightest sign of weakness, he knows he can’t have him on board. The danger is too real that his ship will be blown off course.

Mourinho doesn’t do freeloaders and in the year he spent at Chelsea, Salah became one. It’s not to suggest the Egyptian isn’t a talented player, it’s just that he isn’t a Mourinho player.

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