Chelsea Season Preview Download 2013/14


Our newest addition on BFTGT has spent his summer putting together a host of talented writers to produce something rather special for Chelsea fans. We let Joe Tweeds explain below.

Welcome to the Plains of Almería Season Preview for 2013/14. For just 99p we have a whole host of high quality content at your fingertips.

Tim Palmer looks into the way we are going to be playing this season; individual player profiles from some very familiar names; Aidan an eye on our rivals, a look to the academy and a whole host of additional content.

There is an exclusive look at Rafael Benitez’s diary during his time at Chelsea*, a journalists take on Chelsea’s relationship with the media, insight into Chelsea’s compliance with Financial Fair Play and what the situation is with Chelsea’s move away from Stamford Bridge.

(*anyone familiar with the Ballack diaries will know what to expect here)

This is ultimately a preview written by Chelsea fans, for Chelsea fans.


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