Chelsea Slammed For Mismanaging Injured Star’s Situation

Chelsea football club have been cautioned for the poor handling of goalkeeper Thibaut Courtios’ head injury in their 2-0 win over Arsenal at the weekend.

The young Belgian collided with Alexis Sanchez, but was allowed to play on for another 14minutes before being substituted- a move being frowned at by the Premier League new concussion rule. And brain injury charity Headway chief executive Peter McCabe has come out to Criticise Chelsea’s decision to play the keeper on after the incidence.

Peter McCabe said “it was hard to understand how a concussion was not suspected”.

“The new rules introduced this season were designed to ensure no risks to players’ health were taken,”

“They clearly state that ‘if there is any suspicion of the player having sustained a concussion, they must be removed from the field of play, and not allowed to return’.

“Bleeding from one or both ears is one of the symptoms that requires an immediate visit to hospital.” McCabe said.

Chelsea however, defended their actions, saying the  22-year-old shot stopper had suffered “a minor cut to the ear”.

Courtois was injured in the 10th minute at Stamford Bridge. After being assessed on the pitch by Chelsea

medical staff, he continued until the 24th minute, when he was replaced by Petr Cech. Under the New Premier League concussion rule, players suffering a head injury must leave the pitch.

  • New Premier League Concussion Measures:
  • A player suffering a head injury must leave the pitch.
  • Team managers or coaching staff will no longer decide if a player continues to play. The final decision will be with the club doctor.
  • Home teams in the Premier League must now have a third “tunnel” doctor on match-days to support doctors for both sides.
  • The “tunnel” doctor will help to spot potential concussions and watch TV replays to judge the severity of incidents.
  • All Premier League players will undergo baseline neurological assessments as part of their annual medical check-up to help doctors measure their recovery time if they suffer a concussion.

There were however, good news from Chelsea camp as Courtois’s

precautionary tests at hospital came back all clear and the player is expected to report for international duty later this week with coach Marc Wilmits’ side set to play Andorra on Friday before squaring up with Bosnia Herzegovina next Monday in an Euro 2016 qualifiers.

Thibaut Courtios also tweeted on Monday through his official twitter handle @thibautcourtios: “Thanks for all the messages! I’m already feeling better. Now I’m resting to be recovered and back on the pitch soon. Great victory yesterday.”

It will also be recalled that Headway labelled Tottenham Hotspurr ‘Irresponsible’ for allowing their keeper Hugo Lloris to play on after suffering a concussion against Everton last season.

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