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Chelsea Star Nemanja Matic Looking to Link Up With Mourinho at Old Trafford

With Antonio Conte being appointed as the new manager, there are bound to be big changes in Chelsea’s locker room. The Blues had one of their poorest seasons in the last decade, finishing mid-table and 17 points short of Champions League aspirations.

Nemanja Matic, one of Chelsea’s midfield forces, is said to be leaving the club as he is clearly unhappy about their performance. Matic is said to be interested in joining Manchester United- given that Jose Mourinho is appointed as the new manager.

The Serbian international is believed to be heading out after this season as newly appointed Conte deems him as disposable. Although Matic scored against Sunderland on Saturday, his lack of celebration says a lot. He has not been happy with the ways things are going in Stamford Bridge, and is not impressed by the way they are letting John Terry off the leash.

“We know what he has done for this club and what he has won,” said the midfielder in reference to Terry. “All of us in the team wish him all the best for the future. Of course this is not a good way to finish in a club, but we don’t forget what he won and what he has already done.”

The relationship between Matic and Chelsea is so ruptured, that he is willing to join mortal enemies Manchester United.

The only thing that seems to be holding up the move is Mourinho’s appointment, so all we can do now is wait it out and see how it all goes

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