CONFIRMED – £24.4m Star Will Play For Chelsea Next Season

Contrary to media speculation that Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho remains unflinching in his decision to keep Juan Cuadrado till next season and possibly beyond, there are indeed indications that the Portuguese coach may eventually shift ground and sanction his sale, following increasing inquiries as to the player’s availability.

Despite a relatively dismal debut season in England- which saw him reduced to making only cameo appearances in which he scored no goals and rendered only one assist, Mourinho has urged supporters to exercise patience; stating that with time, the player would adjust himself and then realize his full potential.

However, all that seems to have changed, as Chelsea are reportedly now willing to listen to reasonable offers for the player. A price tag of £24.4 million- about £3 million short of the amount Chelsea paid to sign him- has been placed on his signature.

Juventus and AS Roma of Italy, as well as Athletico Madrid of Spain are among the various top clubs reportedly keen to land his services. Of the pack, however, only Juventus have reportedly agreed to meet Chelsea’s asking price.

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