Confirmed – Arsenal Likely To Sign £130k-A-Week DM In January

Arsenal have been urged to go all out to land long term target Sami Khedira as soon as the transfer window opens in the winter. The call came out from former legend French winger Robert Pires. The Gunners are going through a mini crisis in midfield with Arteta, Ramsey and Ozil all out through injuries. The former duo are closing in on their respective returns but the latter is still out till next year.

With Arteta and Ramsey back in the team, Arsenal’s midfield problem still persists. What the Gunners need is a towering figure in the middle of the pack. A player that has the physique and would add steel to the Gunners’ brittle midfield. A Vieira-like player, Pires alluded to this and suggested Yaya Toure but getting the Ivorian is almost impossible. Hence, the suggestion of a more plausible option in the person of German midfielder Sami Khedira.

“He [Wenger] needs a big player in the middle, like Viera, strong, tall, because this position is very important for the balance between attack and defence,” Pires told The Daily Telegraph.

“The quality is there but you need more, maybe [someone] like Yaya Toure in middle. He reminds me of Patrick Vieira, maybe they have an opportuniuty with Khedira

“It is likely in the January window. He played very well with Germany. My advice is if he can buy Khedira he can be the [new] Vieira, more aggression in the middle.

“He has a lot of experience. When you play in the middle you need experience, especially when your midfield is young like Arsenal’s.”

From his many statements, one thing is obvious, he is urging Arsenal to sign Khedira and hinted that the German could be joining the Gunners in January. Pires is not just a former player but also an ambassador of the club, hence he might be privy to some classified transfer information. If you consider the so many media reports confirming we already agreed a deal in principle then you know Pires may be leaking our a classified information.

Also, he suggested Arsenal should go for Khedira as the new Vieira. I have always held the opinion that Khedira was more of a box to box midfielder but Pires sees him as a defensive midfielder. Is he right? He just might be as a former player who played at the highest level and also played with Vieira when the Frenchman was at Arsenal. He must have seen similarities between the pair and of the firm believe that Khedira could replicate what the Frenchman gave Arsenal.

It seems the likely midfielder that would be coming in January is Khedira and I cannot but be hopeful he adds a Vieira-like steel and brute force to Arsenal’s subtle midfield.

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