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Coutinho Calls For Calm As Liverpool Prepare To Face French Side

Liverpool have been at the end of a lot of rumors and a lot of mud-slinging due to their very mediocre and even below par performances since about 4 to 5 seasons now and it is starting to look like they have never been champions before but are a second-level team struggling for recognition and these days all they seem to fight for is a place in the Europa League competition.

The manager Brendan Rodgers has therefore been at the receiving end of a lot of pressure building rumors with the media seriously claiming he will soon be fired if things do not change at the Anfield and this makes every match for the manager a very important one as he does not know which might be his last.

The team’s only creative and consistent player at the moment, Phillipe Coutinho has therefore called for calm ahead of their Europa League fixture.

Coutinho who has been a long ranger in the efforts to bring Liverpool back to winning ways has therefore asked for calm when he said, “It is vital to stay calm, mainly because we are just at the beginning in all competitions.” “We have a long season ahead and many things can happen. The Premier League is tough – all clubs have great teams – and we know twists and turns will happen.”

“We have to look ahead now and get over the two recent games we lost,” he added. “After two consecutive defeats, we’re conscious there’s going to be more pressure from the outside.” “But we have to do things right on the pitch so we can achieve good results and Bordeaux is a very important game as it’s our first in the Europa League.”

It is hope that the other players will get spurred on with these words and play like they have something to play for because at the moment, it looks like Coutinho is about the only player receiving wages at Liverpool and the others are not even motivated at all and it sometimes looks like some of the players do not even want Rodgers around but prefer to have him gone from the club and are therefore lending fuel to the fire building against the manager and will not mind him leaving.

If this is not true, then these players need to rally themselves and start to play like winners, starting with their next match.

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