Dani Alves Out FC Porto’s Danilo In At Barca?

Since his signing from Sevilla seven seasons ago, Dani Alves has warmed himself into the hearts of the not-easily-pleased Catalunya fans. He has held his position at right back with his strength, made a lot of assists with his curvy cross-outs and made us laugh with his gimmicks and on-field displays. Now it seems it is time to say goodbye. With clubs like Manchester United PSG, and of recent Arsenal, looking forward to signing him, Dani Alves, the most expensive right-back in history, is almost set to leave the Spanish giants when his contract ends by July. Of course he will be missed by all, especially Messi; who has enjoyed most of his assists, but his role is bound to be taken by another soon, as no one is irreplaceable as far as the round leather game goes.

F.C Porto’s Danilo is the right candidate to step into Dani’s big shoes. Danilo has constantly been a solid rock at the Portuguese’s club’s defence and all things been equal, the most expensive defender in the history of the Portuguese league, will adorn the Barca’s colours soon, if reports linking him to Barca are true that’s. Though, the club is presently not allowed to sign any player till January next year, after having floated Fifa’s rules by signing too many overage players (talking about catching them young). Yet, if they come out victorious in their appeal (unconfirmed reports claim the Spainish government is going to appeal the decision), Danilo could be in Barcelona by July. Else, he might have to wait till January 2016, as the club will do anything to tie him down in Porto till time comes.

Alves has won every laurel therein in club’s football. He has won them all, twice. After more than a decade in Spain playing club football, the Brazilian is set to ply his trade in another land. It could be England, Italy or France, or anywhere else. One thing is certain; he has left his prints on the la liga’s football sands. His time in Spain will be seen as memorable. Though one marred with incidences of racial abuse, one of which Dani made humour out of. Against Villareal, a banana was thrown at him; he picked it up and took a bite off it. A feat Dani achieved off the field was when he donated his organs to fellow defender and friend Abidal, it is to his honour that Alves wears the number 22. At 31, his shots are still fierce as ever. Whichever club that wins the race to sign him will get to enjoy the wealth of experience he will be bringing to the team.

Danilo, another Brazilian, has caught the eyes of many too. The former Santos player is reportedly good friends with Barcelona’s young prodigy. They should be able to link up on the field of play, and fans can’t wait to see what they will do, if it will be greater than the Alves-Messi link.

Dani out, Dani in. By July or next year January, we will know which of the Danis!

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