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11 Days Rest & Debunking The Mendes Myth | A Week Of Wolves

Right, I am sick of all this blatant propaganda coming for the press this week regarding calls for the Football League to look into Jorge Mendes’ involvement with us. Firstly, it was ratified by the Football League when Fosun initially took over and brought him in as an adviser and secondly, has anyone bothered looking into it a little bit more? That’s what I’m going to do shortly, because I’m sick of the constant dross being spouted.

Neil Moxley put the article out in the Daily Mirror over the weekend and while there had been rumblings of discontent, this was the first time it had hit the press in recent times. Essentially, what the article says is that some clubs aren’t happy with the fact we’ve signed the likes of Ruben Neves and Diogo Jota and they’re saying we should be investigated, blah, blah, blah.

You Can’t Pick & Choose

Let’s rewind a little bit, shall we? Jorge Mendes has been involved with the club since LAST season and even at that point we signed the likes of Ivan Cavaleiro and Helder Costa, who are far too good for this division, however, there was no uproar last year, now why would that be? Ah, yes, because we were piss-poor last year, so it didn’t matter? It’s bollocks.

If it’s a problem, it’s a problem at the start, not eighteen months down the line because we’re pissing all over the league. Villa are one of the clubs that have complained. I don’t have any proof of that, but it stinks of a Villa trick as conveniently it has coming out in the run-up to us playing them on Saturday. Coincidence? I think not.

We’ll come on to those claret muppets in a bit, before I get into them, let’s take a closer look at our transfers since Fosun has taken over, which in turn, will be the same amount of time since Jorge Mendes has advised them. We have signed 32 players under Fosun and considering that Mendes ‘runs our transfers’, how many of those do you think are a Mendes client? Five. That’s right. FIVE.

50%? Try 15%…

Just over 15% of the players we’ve signed have got Mendes as their agent, a bit strange considering he runs our transfers, isn’t it? So, what about the other 85%? Mendes would have had a part to play in the majority of them due to the fact he advises the clubs on transfers, that aside, they’re not his players, so where’s the issue?

According to the Daily Telegraph It is alleged that ‘almost half’ of 25 players signed in the past 18 months have been from Mendes’s Gestifute firm, though this has not been officially confirmed.” Why would you not seek clarification before writing something like that? It’s 15%, not 50%, drives me insane, so in reality, there is no issue to be found.

We’ve also got five players in our side who are looked after by ‘World In Motion’ so does that need investigating as well or does that not matter because it’s not Ruben Neves who is their client? As you can probably tell, I’ve got steam coming out my ears as I type this. What a load of shit.

It’s The Big One

On a brighter note, we didn’t drop any points last weekend! Unsurprisingly, our game was called off against Reading as the conditions got the better of the surrounding areas which meant that we’ve had more recuperation time in preparation for our game against dirty Leeds tomorrow night. They played Friday night and got played off the park by Middlesbrough, so hopefully we’ll see a repeat of the demolition at Molineux earlier in the season as we put four past them and it could’ve been more.

Then it’s the big one on Saturday. Villa away. We cruised to victory when we played them at the start of October and with Neves having two weeks rest, it could well be more of the same. Some Wolves fans will say they hate Albion the most, some Blues, some may even say Stoke.

On the other hand, for me, it’s always has been and always will be these bastards. They think they are better than everyone else and have a divine right to be good at football and nothing will make me happier than see them lose in the playoff final, apart from, of course, us winning the league. All the stands are going to be open at Villa Park for only the second time this season as they try and get a big crowd in to spur their side on. Only issue they’ve got with that will be all the Wolves fans in the home end, good luck.

Mind The Gap

Some people have quipped that we’ve been tempting fate and getting ahead of ourselves when it comes to the ‘Mind The Gap’ song and they would probably be right. That’s what it’s all about though, oneupmanship, so, mind the gap, it’s getting bigger every fucking day. We could lose tomorrow and Saturday and this could come back to bit me on the arse, I’m fully aware of that. What I’m also aware of is the fact that no matter what happens, we’ll still be top this time next week.

All things considered, if I was a betting man and luckily I am, I’d be piling the lot on us to beat Leeds tomorrow night. 11/10 is crazy price and I’ll be having some of that.

Until the next time.

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