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Diego Costa Is Overweight Claims Club Legend

Jamie Carragher has recently said he was startled by Diego Costa’s admission of being overweight at the start of this season and he made this statement in the Daily Mail.

Earlier this month, Chelsea striker Diego Costa had made claims that he was a “little bit overweight”. The Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher said he was really surprised by this admission but thinks it is quite indicative of Chelsea’s current performance level this season and their predicament.

The former Reds defender was writing these before Chelsea’s home clash with Liverpool FC on Saturday – which the Blues lost 3-1 in front of their home fans at the Stamford Bridge.

Diego Costa has the poorest passing accuracy of any Chelsea outfielder this season and was also terrible in yesterday’s match against Liverpool.

Costa yet again failed to score in the match which makes it the seventh time in nine English Premier League matches where he has been unable to find the net against the opponents.

Carragher said, “Costa has been a prime example of [Chelsea looking “jaded”].

“It was a startling admission to hear that he returned for pre-season training overweight. You just don’t expect to hear that type of thing said by someone who plays for Mourinho.”

In fact, Chelsea’s most recent win in the League which was their 2-0 victory against Aston  Villa was the last time the team saw one of Costa’s two goals in the 2015/16 season.

Chelsea fans will be hoping Costa quickly hits back his form and lifts the club from their lurch.

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