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Don’t blame Woodward: Van Gaal personally pulled plug on Renato Sanches deal to Man Utd

Tensions rose around Old Trafford when news broke out that Renato Sanchez had signed for Bayern Munich. Renato had been a prime transfer target for United.

After hearing this, fans went crazy. Everyone started blaming Ed Woodward. But now BBC have reported that it was actually LVG who pulled.

Bayern have signed the 18 year old for 27 million. But it was thought that United had offered Benfica many times more than this. So fans were really mad when they heard that Munich had got the youngster for a cheaper price.

But BBC are saying that it was actually LVG who didn’t want the deal. Despite losing to West Ham last game and almost ending United’s hopes of UCL next season, LVG seems really calm.

According to BBC he is staying next season and isn’t that much bothered about the transfer. He seems happy with his current squad. The Dutchman has already spent 250m so it wouldn’t have been a surprise if they signed Sanchez for a big fee.

But Van Gaal didn’t want him. Other reports have said that the transfer was subject to Mourinho’s arrival to the club. But LVG seems to be staying till his contract ends. So he is looking forward to his next and last season with the club.
Having spent so much he is probably thinking of sticking to this team. His team have been average this season having scored the same amount of goals as Sunderland in the league. That’s really appalling. Considering this LVg should look to improve the squad.

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