Evidence of Mourinho’s arrival? United have stepped up their interest in Real Madrid super talent

A lot of action has been seen from the top notch La Liga defender this season, Raphael Varane, but unfortunately, he could not make it to the final team sheet of Zinedine Zidane’s Real Madrid for the UEFA Champions League.

The Frenchman seems disappointed with this and according to Le 10 Sport, this action has forced Varane to move away from the club in this summer transfer window. The 23-year old young star knows very well that there are other clubs pursuing him so he will not take much time in deciding his future this summer.

On the top of the list, Manchester United and Bayern Munich have been seen in pursuit of Varane while Paris Saint-Germain also seems interested in landing the Frenchman this summer.

Meanwhile, there is another twist and turn in the story because Jose Mourinho is looking forward to sign as manager for Manchester United or PSG this summer, which makes it easier to understand the future of Varane as well.
Mourinho is a big fan of the star Frenchman and has already worked with him during his stay at the Bernabeu. So, it makes sense that Varane might land in the club where his former boss signs as a manager. The chase is still on…Now let’s see who signs whom and when this summer!

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