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Danny Welbeck

Exclusive Photo: Danny Welbeck is Back and Will Make a Comeback Against Bournemouth

Danny Welbeck hasn’t played the entire season for Arsenal ever since getting injured last year in a match against Chelsea which ended on 0-0 draw.

Arsene Wenger has long awaited his return and it seems the day is near. According to Daily Mail, the 25-year-old is about to make a comeback for the team.

However, Wenger stays cautious and is going to give him opportunities to play with the under-21s, before letting him make a complete an official appearance for the first-team.

Arsenal failed to win their home match against Southampton earlier this week and that has led to Arsenal slipping to fourth in the league. The fans are agitated while Leicester increased the gap by another 3 points after securing a win against Liverpool with the help of Jamie Vardy’s screamer.

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Considering the recent form, Gunners are on a track to let the opportunity of finally winning the league after 12 years slip away. It is the never-ending goal scoring issue Arsenal faces in the latter half of the season, that is the cause of their misery.

Arsene Wenger has always failed to admit his team’s short-coming when it comes to scoring goals and has always avoided spending money on a decent striker during the transfer window.

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