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Falcao to Manchester United? Read what he said about joining Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City

Spanish newspaper Marca are today reporting that Atletico Madrid striker, Radamel Falcao, is set to join Manchester United this summer. Apparently United are keen to include Javier Hernandez in the deal whilst Atletico are looking for cash only, which would favourite the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City, both of whom he has been linked to.

However, Falcao’s agent is Jorge Mendes who has strong links with Manchester United after organising the transfers of Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, Anderson and Bebe to the club.

But what has Falcao said in the past about moving to United? Nothing. But he has talked about playing in the Premier League, for rival clubs, on numerous occasions.

July 11th 2008: “I know there is interest from Arsenal and that excites me. If there is an agreement between the clubs I’m ready to go. It would mean a huge leap forward in my career. I can guarantee my financial future. The Premier League is sensational.”

July 4th 2009: “I know about the interest of several teams so this match against Estudiantes could be my last one at River. I am happy because I have reached to an agreement with the officials for renewing my contract. Besides that it had expired on 30th June, I didn’t want to leave River being out of contract, I want to River to receive the amount of money the club deserves for my transfer. I have been at River since I was very young so I owe many things to this wonderful club.”

July 15th 2009: Joined Porto for a fee of €3.93 million

May 19th 2011: “My future? I have two years left with Porto and I am happy at this club. My dream is now to play in the Champions League next season with Porto. That is the truth.”

May 27th 2011, Claudio Mossi (agent): “England are crazy about Falcao. Among the leading candidates are Arsenal and Tottenham. They are willing to hit the 30 million clause. The figure is not an extraordinary value for them. He is very happy at Porto. There he can play the Champions next year. The problem is that every day he is linked with other clubs. It is important that he is left alone for a time with his family now to decide.”

June 22nd 2011, Mossi: “If Villas Boas is the new coach of Chelsea it is normal for players that are closest to follow him.”

July 6th 2011: “There is a club that I dream to play for. They are foreign but I do not want to say who it is now. The Spanish league is good, but I prefer the Premier League as there is a better atmosphere on the field. I have matured in every respect and I am qualified to play in any big league.”

July 14th 2011: Signed contract extension which expires in 2015.

August 18th 2011: Joined Atletico Madrid for a fee of €45m.

April 2nd 2012: “The press said that Manchester City and Chelsea want me, but I am calm about this. I know La Liga is watched all across the world and it is normal that if I do good work many clubs watch me. But I insist now I am only focused on obtaining success with Atletico. My move to Atletico was a personal choice and I am satisfied because Liga is the best in the world.”

September 3rd 2012, Radamel Garcia (father): “There are three teams interested – Manchester City, Chelsea and a Russian team. Falcao has always wanted to play in the Premier League. Ever since he was a boy he has loved Chelsea and has always thought it would be an honour to play for a big Premier League team. I don’t want to talk about pre-agreements. I spoke to Falcao yesterday. The release clause in his contract is about €55million (£43.5m) but Falcao doesn’t want to talk figures.”

September 5th, Garcia: “His dream is to play for Real Madrid. Since he was a boy he’s always wanted to play there. Other teams in Europe like Chelsea and Manchester City were interested in him. If he can’t play for Real Madrid, he’ll play for a team in England.”

October 6th 2012: “England? One day, I could go. It is a game I have watched for a long time and one day I would like to sample it. I used to watch it on television when I was a kid. Players like Roy Keane, Eric Cantona, Zola. But the one I supported was Asprilla, when he was at Newcastle. I think I could adapt to England. I think I could score goals.”

October 21st 2012: “The quality of the league is not in doubt – there is so much talk of Barcelona and Real Madrid but the champions of Europe are in England.”

October 29th 2012: “I am only thinking about my club. I know there is a lot of speculation but hopefully it will not affect me. At this moment in time, my reality is Atletico Madrid and I am happy where I am. There will be another league in the future but I still have three years left on my contract with Atletico.” Asked whether he will be going to City, Falcao said: “You will have to talk to Miguel Angel Gil Marin.”

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