FANTASTIC NEWS – Arsenal Player Revealed Injury Players Are Coming Back SOONER THAN EXPECTED Plus Gives Shocking Nomination for Arsenal’s Man of the Year

Gunners have closed the curtains on 2015 as league leaders and the atmosphere at the club is nothing but of joy. Despite their horrendous defeat to Southampton, Arsenal has managed to secure first position in the league for now.

This is because of the players’ ability to respond and their positive outlook on the overall campaign this season. It can be witnessed on the field as improved team spirits, as well as in individuals who are working hard to win the league this season. Such is Oxlade Chamberlain who has hailed Arsenal’s current Premier League campaign, and claimed that they are on the right track.

Speaking to Arsenal Player, Chamberlain said, ‘A win was the only thing that was acceptable today. We knew that and we said that to ourselves. We wanted nothing less than a win so we got the job done and now we’re on to the next one. You need to build momentum. It’s all about getting the right results and as many results as possible from here.
“We’re in a strong position now, it’s where we would like to be. There have been some hiccups along the way and I’m sure there will be a few more but we need to build on this half of the season and go into the New Year positively and in the right manner. We’ll hopefully get some injured players back soon and that will boost us again, but the boys have been really good so far. We need to keep that going and today was a good step and a good way to end the year.”

“We know we’re capable of winning games. The boss said to us that the team that lost at Southampton is no different to the one that beat Manchester City at home. From day to day, we need to turn it around if we have a bad result, which we did today. We need to turn that around and we got the right result.”

Gunners will face Newcastle United on January 2nd as they kick off 2016 hoping to stay league leaders till the end of the season.

Oxlade also revealed unexpected nomination for Arsenal’s man of the year. It’s….. Mathieu Flamini, yes that Flamini. Not Ozil, Sanchez, Cech or Giroud.

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