Loius Van Gaal Sack

Former Chief Executive Reveals Sir Alex Ferguson’s Role at Old Trafford, Van Gaal to Be Sacked Within Hours?

Meanwhile, former Manchester United chief executive David Gill has revealed that he and Sir Alex Ferguson are not involved in making a decision about Louis Van Gaal’s future at the club.

Gill claims that he, Sir Bobby Charlton and Sir Alex Ferguson work in ambassadorial capacity with the club and aren’t directly involved in discussions related to managerial appointments.

“It is not for me. I am not the spokesperson for Manchester United,” Gill told BBC 5 Live. “I am not involved in those discussions quite rightly; I am a non-executive director. That is being led quite rightly by Ed [Woodward, executive vice-chairman] and his team and I am not going to be drawn on those particular questions. I am not privy to those conversations quite rightly.

“There are two boards at Manchester United. There is the quoted company board which is on the New York Stock Exchange and that is where all the key decisions are taken. That is the one I was chief executive of and that is the one Ed Woodward currently runs.”

“The football board on which I sit and Sir Bobby Charlton and Sir Alex Ferguson, for instance, is much more an ambassadorial board. It talks about various football matters but we wouldn’t get into those discussions. Ultimately if the holding company board wishes to discuss those issues with us, it will do on an individual basis.”

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