Goztepe-Besiktas: The Student Cannot Become The Master

I like that saying “the student becomes the master.” It matters a lot. Today, I am gonna tell how a student cannot become a master in football business through Goztepe-Besiktas.

The Student Is Against The Master

The manager of Goztepe, Tamer Tuna was the assistant coach of Besiktas’s manager Senol Gunes from 2015 to 2017. At the beginning of this season, he left the club and signed for Goztepe’s seat. Some football fans thought that Besiktas would lose power. As of the 11th week of the season, they may be right or not. It all depends on how you look at it. In Champions League, Besiktas are great, but in the Turkish Super League, they are not good enough.

Even though Goztepe was promoted to the Super League this season, they started very well with the leadership of Tamer Tuna. Most of the people like the way Goztepe play. They score and concede lots of goals.

And Bornova Stadium hosted the match between “the student” and “the master.”

The New World Order Doesn’t Allow Romantic Moments

In the final of 2009-2010 Champions League, Inter defeated Bayern Munich. The Inter manager Jose Mourinho was the assistant of Bayern’s manager Louis Van Gaal. At the end of the match, media said: “the student becomes the master.” Those days were so romantic. Nobody was able to pay €222 million for Neymar.

As you can understand the above, today the reality appears with all the ruthlessness. Goztepe were defeated against Besiktas (1-3)

Why Did It End Like This?

We live in the information society. What does it mean? It means we are students forever. We have to update ourselves again and again. The earth is a planet of data. Experts, teachers, academicians, students etc. must keep on learning. If they stop learning, they will darkle, because the change is not like 1-2-3-4-5-6… It is like 1-2-4-8-16-32-64… That’s why, if you stop, you can’t catch.

What about football business? Could Brian Clough win Champions League again with Nottingham Forest? In today’s world, it would be impossible. Managers look really important for the success, but…

The money went into the business. If you have money, you can buy better players, create wide scouting network, have better youth setup, better technological devices for the team, training etc.

As information is everywhere, an only man cannot cope with that, so the only man has to work with a good staff. Good scouts, good coaches, good sports managers etc.

Brand management is really significant for the football clubs because they have the high level of visibility. Besiktas do it better than Goztepe. Hereat, Besiktas gain more money. and money went into the business. If you have money… Endless loop!


The world is a place where people require each other. “One man age” is over. Staff/team age has started. There is no master. There are too many students, so the student cannot become the master.

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