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A Guide to the UEFA Women’s European Championship 2017

On Sunday 16th of July the Netherlands will host the UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 competition. The hosts will play four times losing finalists Norway in the opening game of Group A in Utrecht.

The UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 will consist of 16 teams split into four groups of four with the top two from each group qualifying for the knockout stages. Previously the competition consisted of 12 teams but UEFA’s decision to expand the number of teams to 16 is all part of their aim of making football the number one women’s participation sport across Europe. As part of this initiative they have increased the prize pool to €8,000,000 in order to invest more money back into each national team that qualified. If you would like to bet on the competition, have a look at Bet 365 bonus code that will be available to you, to get the most out of your betting. There are some great picks available.

As a result of the changes, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal and Scotland have all qualified for the first time. They join the most successful nation in the tournament Germany, strong competitors England, France, Sweden and Norway.

UEFA have also teamed up with the World Heart Federation and Hartstichting to promote “Health Hearts” and the role that sport can play in living a healthy lifestyle. Encouraging children, women and fans in general to become more active to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease has become very important in the build up to this summer’s tournament. This doubles up with their aim of making football the number one women’s sport across Europe within the next five years. Their campaign “Together #WePlayStrong” has been in full swing with football associations across Europe showing their support. It focuses on three pillars that would showcase the very best traits within the game; skill, togetherness and a positive attitude. The campaign started prior to the UEFA Women’s Champions League final between Lyon and Paris St Germain and it will be at the heart of the editorial coverage during the UEFA Women’s European Championship this July and August.


Group A: Netherlands (hosts), Norway, Denmark, Belgium

Group B: Germany (holders), Sweden, Italy, Russia

Group C: France, Iceland, Austria, Switzerland

Group D: England, Scotland, Spain, Portugal

Full Schedule

Group stage (KO CET):

Sunday 16 July: Group A

Netherlands v Norway (Utrecht) 18:00

Denmark v Belgium (Doetinchem) 20:45

Monday 17 July: Group B

Italy v Russia (Rotterdam) 18:00

Germany v Sweden (Breda) 20:45

Tuesday 18 July: Group C

Austria v Switzerland (Deventer) 18:00

France v Iceland (Tilburg) 20:45

Wednesday 19 July: Group D

Spain v Portugal (Doetinchem) 18:00

England v Scotland (Utrecht) 20:45

Thursday 20 July: Group A

Norway v Belgium (Breda) 18:00

Netherlands v Denmark (Rotterdam) 20:45

Friday 21 July: Group B

Sweden v Russia (Deventer) 18:00

Germany v Italy (Tilburg) 20:45

Saturday 22 July: Group C

Iceland v Switzerland (Doetinchem) 18:00

France v Austria (Utrecht) 20:45

Sunday 23 July: Group D

Scotland v Portugal (Rotterdam) 18:00

England v Spain (Breda) 20:45

Monday 24 July: Group A

Belgium v Netherlands (Tilburg) 20:45

Norway v Denmark (Deventer) 20:45

Tuesday 25 July: Group B

Russia v Germany (Utrecht) 20:45

Sweden v Italy (Doetinchem) 20:45

Wednesday 26 July: Group C

Switzerland v France (Breda) 20:45

Iceland v Austria (Rotterdam) 20:45

Thursday 27 July: Group D

Portugal v England (Tilburg) 20:45

Scotland v Spain (Deventer) 20:45

Saturday 29 July: Quarter-finals

Winner A v Runner-up B (QF1, Doetinchem) tbc

Winner B v Runner-up A (QF2, Rotterdam) tbc

Sunday 30 July: Quarter Finals

Winner C v Runner-up D (QF3, Tilburg) tbc

Winner D v Runner-up C (QF4, Deventer) tbc

Thursday 3 August: Semi-finals

QF1 v QF4 (Enschede) tbc

QF2 v QF3 (Breda) tbc

Sunday 6 August: Final

WSF1 v WSF2 (Enschede) 17:00

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