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Having A Brief Chat With My Piece

National Teams break has given me free time to have a brief chat. You know sometimes people should talk to themselves. In this piece, I will do this. Of course, it will be about football and Spor Toto Super League.

Every parent sees their kid as a superman. This is because she/he is their kid and they don’t want to think negatively about him. This arises from the good intention. Or they spend their most of time with their kids, so too much time manipulates their emotions. However, this behaviour damages kids’ future. At the end of the day, kids will feel they are supermen till they will see the real world.

I think Turkish football fans still live that feeling. I agree that fandom is an abstract emotion. We don’t know why we support x team or y team. Probably, our father or one of our cousins persuade us, but this is not important. By the end of the day, we love which teams we support. We love the colours of the club.

Do you know what I think? Although we love our teams, we don’t care about the future of our teams. We just want cups, victories, maybe star players. However, football is not something like that. First of all, we should not forget football is a sport, and sport is not a war. There is a rivalry, but also peace. Must be peace! Our emotions should not be administered by some people.

Making opposition isn’t something bad. It doesn’t mess unity and solidarity up. Today Turkish clubs have to face the reality. The fans have to face themselves. Do they want a successful season or sustainable future? What does success mean? Galatasaray can become the champion. Besiktas can, Fenerbahce can… And then? Turkish National Team couldn’t go to the World Cup. Our kids aren’t supermen. We have to see the reality. What’d happen if they become the champion unless Turkey attends the World Cup?

Football media talks about the same things every week. Referees, foreign player rules, football grassroots issues etc. There are always problems, but no solutions.


I want Turkey to play in the World Cups. I want Turkish clubs to play in European cups. I want Turkey to create a football Ecole. We are proud of World Cup 2002 and Euro 2008, but they are not enough. We should not do with less. Turkish football clubs must be managed by the mind. We have a young population, we love football. We have a huge potential. We don’t have a system. Everything is going on with chaos. Sometimes chaos makes us strong, but this isn’t sustainable. It is unnecessary to waste our energy.

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