How a Chelsea fan made £120 from £50…

We all love a little gamble on the weekend, whether it is a well prepared, so called “dead cert” or a hopeful punt at a £1million return, few will deny it adds an extra hint of excitement to the best time of the week and can act as an insurance policy to your favourite team’s miserable result if you so happen to predict their misfortune. In the end we could all use a little help to make a more reasoned judgement on our selections.

This is where Betegy come in to play. A new website that aims to predict scores from the top flight leagues in Europe’s five main league competitions (England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain). Betting tipsters are not a revelation, there are plenty of sites that can be used, but where Betegy differs is the extent of research that goes in to their predictions. I was offered the chance to question the creator of Betegy and the depth of information the algorithm accounts for is comparable to an AVB scout report under Mourinho. Factors ranging from historical meets between the clubs, to a news analysis system which integrates any absences or possible reasons for motivation. It is safe to say this site is not “one from the bottle” and indeed special.

The ability to more accurately predict football matches is constantly evolving, the rise of stats and their importance in the game results in a higher degree of being able to quantify football, it isn’t full proof but when I asked the creator of Betegy if football could indeed be quantified? He described it best by saying –

Quantitative analysis in football is not a new venture, it has been around for quite a long time now. SO we believe that statistics and data is quite an essential part of the game. However, one cannot predict football with an accuracy of 100%, but that is what makes football so exciting.”

The site also offers a blog feature in which they include stats about their predictions on a weekly basis and offer their thoughts on football outside their main focus of the 5 leagues, this includes the Champions League and of course, suitably for this week, the World Cup Qualifiers.

As well as giving you their predictions on all games in the five leagues, Betegy also offer their own personal suggested bets. These suggestions vary in advice from a well thought out “Double” (Two games) a “Recommended” games list to bet on, where the chance of success is higher but the return obviously lower and for those high risk, high reward types an “Extreme” selection of games.

It is still only early on in the season but this latest week of results the algorithm which is incorporated into the site managed a very impressive 50% success rate on outcomes of the match. As the gameweeks pass and the stats available increase it is only logical to think so will the success of Betegy.

So, what are you waiting for? Register to the site now and get exclusive access to the website. The free subscription gives you a handful of predictions every week but for full access their is a premium subscription which starts from £29.99 a month or for the believers a £299.99 annual subscription.

We all think of ourselves as footballing experts but imagine combining your knowledge with such an in depth database. The world is your oyster! In my two weeks with Betegy I’ve staked £50 and had a return of £120. It isn’t guaranteed money but it is a wise investment.

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