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If Twitter followers were goals… who would win the World Cup?

England comes 4th; this would be a brilliant result! Unfortunately not all footballers had an official Twitter- notably Messi was without a page, either as a response to online abuse, or because he simply doesn’t use it. There are also some young players who, despite not having a large Twitter following, may make a massive impact in the tournament.

We did see that generally speaking, players who play or have played for in either a top English club or Real Madrid and Barcelona have a bigger following, probably because these are the club sides with the largest international fan base. From our results, Spain are set to retain the cup, which they won for the first time in 2010. Despite not having the player with the most Twitter followers, a title held by Ronaldo who was largely responsible for Portugal making it to the final, they had the most Twitter followers as a team.

Unfortunately the World Cup is never so logical and we may see some unexpected results, it looks set to be an exciting summer for international football.

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