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Andre Ggomes

Some Important Things about Andre Gomes You Should Know

FC Barcelona just made another addition to their team recently. Andre Gomez, former Valencia player, is now being part of one of the world’s most popular football team. Here are some important facts about this player.

New Player for the Champion

It’s a quick decision Barcelona took for hiring Andre Gomes after only serving Valencia for the last 2 seasons. So, what makes Barcelona so confident about this player?

Excellent Records

Andre Gomes is an excellent player for many reasons. Here are 5 of them:

  1. Gomes may be a young player, but never doubt his experience. He has spent 2 years playing with Valencia. Until he signed the contract, he has served 78 matches for Los Roche, playing 3 times in the Europe League, and 4 times in Champions League.
  2. A tall player. With 1.88m height, Andre Gomes is the fourth tallest player at Valencia after Pique, Mathieu, and Busquets.
  3. Two words: Gomes is a versatile and ambidextrous player. His friends know him as a player with excellent passing and shooting skills. This deadly combination successfully makes him as a monstrous midfielder, as well as an inside left-winger.
  4. Not many know this fact. Andre Gomes comes from the Benfica academy. After joining his first team, he played with them for more than 40 matches, scoring 4 goals.
  5. He recently fought with Portugal to win the Euro 2016.

More to know

  1. 1. He served his country on the field for more than 10 times.
  2. At least, Gomes ever fought Barca on five different occasions.
  3. After spending 3 years in La Liga, Andre Gomes will be under Luis Enrique’s direction. He will be his fifth club manager after Nuno, Gary Neville, Ayestaran, and Voro.
  4. Last season in the league, Gomes made around 1,293 passes, with more than 81% success rate.

Andre Gomes might not be the first addition to the team. However, it’s a certain sure that he will play a great role for the team.

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