Is Chelsea heading towards the relegation battle?

The Barclay’s Premier League champions of last year had a great season with the defensive tactics and mind games of Jose Mourinhio but this year are they really going to even make it to top 4?

This is one of the biggest question for the Premier League spectators as the poor run of Chelsea goes on after being beaten by Bournemouth who just got into the Premier League this year. The loss is being nominated as the biggest upsets in the league. Chelsea forwards were unable to beat the Bournemouth’s defense in the whole match and Bournemouth even scored a goal to steal the victory from the defending champions in the ending minutes of the match.

This loss puts Chelsea on the 15th position on the points table after playing 15 matches in which they just won 4 games, drew 4 and lost 8 games. The supporters are still not in the favor of sacking Mourinho as he is extremely close to the Chelsea fans but there are rumors that Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea Football Club is extremely furious about the team’s performance recently.

One of the main problems for Chelsea is that they are continuing the defensive strategy which gave them the championship last year but the other team managers have now trained their teams how not to let Chelsea snatch games from them. Eden Hazard who played fantastically last year has not been able to impress the football lovers this season and Cesc Febregas who was a big investment and showed a lot of promise last year with his assists is even not clicking in. With a poor defensive performance of Ivanovic this season the opponents have got great number of chances in order to attempt for the goal leaving Asmir Begavic helpless at times.

With the number one choice for the goal post for Chelsea Thibaut Courtois back in the team and an improved midfield play earing the club a 2-0 win vs Porto in the UCL fixture came a ray of hope but still the Premier League table creates a lot of doubts that whether the defending champions will be fighting for even remaining in the league at the end of the season or not?


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