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Istanbul Will Burn: Fenerbahce – Galatasaray

Today, I have wanted to speak of the greatest derby of Turkey. It is as important as Old Firm and El Classico. Istanbul will burn. Maybe Turkey will talk about everything except football. I am sure that referee mistakes will be spoken. The fans of both teams will find something to complain about. The eternal rivalry will show itself body and soul.

By the way, I am so sorry that I got right down to it. You can see how excited I am. 25th week matches of the league were played. The disappointment was lived, delight was lived, hope was lived. Basaksehir faltered on the championship track. Besiktas were victorious against Genclerbirligi. Anyway, let’s talk about the derby. This is because, the earth revolves around the derby.

Fenerbahce Corner

Honestly, We have been facing the worst Fenerbahçe in recent years. Even if they win, the fans would not be happy because the peformance on the pitch is disappointing. Thanks to the set pieces, Fenerbahce score lots of goals. There is a team which is lacking in creativity in the attack phase. The most of the fans see despair on the pitch.

Galatasaray Corner

The arrival of Fatih Terim regenerated GS. I think their fans are the most believing fans to the championship. They are going to play an away match. This makes a sense for them. They are not going to fight against Fenerbahce only. They are going to fight against their destiny.

A Weird Situation

Gs’s past goalkeeper Frayd Mondragon told something funny. He sincerely said “When I was playing for GS, we won cups, we were playing in Champions League etc. However, we did not manage to defeat Fenerbahce at their home. There was no even draw, always loss… I consent to defeat them at their home rather than winning a cup.

After him, GS drew with FB, but they didn’t defeat the Yellow Canaries since 1999. Sometimes FB were really poor on the pitch, but they were successful at the end.

This Time GS Is Favorite For Football Fans

Are GS really good? I don’t think so. Honestly, this Fenerbahce are the worst Fenerbahce I have ever seen. That’s why the away team are being looked as the favorite. Some friends of mine are assertive about the result. According to them, GS will score lots of goals. Typical fans…

As a result, Turkey is excited. We are looking forward to watching the derby. Next piece will be about the derby again. I will try to explain the atmosphere of the game, what will be spoken on social media, and the match. Stick around!

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