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John Stones to man utd chelsea

John Stones To Chelsea Rumour Gets New Development

Chelsea have been chasing after John Stones since the summer transfer window opened, although they had multiple bids rejected by Everton, Mourinho is trying to show how persistent he can be by making a return offer for the player ahead of the January transfer window. Chelsea previously faced a tough task of signing Stones but now with the inclusion of Barcelona in the list of potential destinations for Stones, Chelsea will have to make an audacious bid to wave of the interest from Barcelona and Manchester United.

According to the Telegraph, Barcelona have joined the Blues (and previous potential bidders Manchester United as well) in believing that money can buy them Stones, regardless of what Roberto Martinez may or may not be singing in the shower.

Barcelona’s interest may be based on Gerard Pique’s recent public adoration of the 21-year-old — “one of a new generation who understand football not just as a defender” — but apparently their scouts were ready to watch the defender in action against Spain on Friday on international duty with the National team side.

Stones didn’t feature then, but he did his reputation no harm with a solid performance against France on Tuesday.

Either way, one of the best center backs of this young England generation probably won’t be at Everton much longer with the number of huge clubs looking to sign him. It is unlikely that Everton will be able to hold on to Stones any longer. Chelsea are currently 15th on the Premier League table with just 14 points from 13 games already played.

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