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John Stones To Finally Join Chelsea? Roberto Martinez Delivers The Latest News

Amidst all the currently raging transfer news going on in the English Premier League, John Stones move from Everton to another club has been the most talked about and almost guaranteed but Everton boss Roberto Martinez has dismissed these talks along with those of his star midfielder Ross Barkley and star striker Romelu Lukaku leaving the club by January.

John Stones was firmly pursued by Chelsea in the summer transfer window and many Chelsea fans are of the opinion that if they had gotten this 21-year-old defender alone from Everton, the Stamford Bridge based club’s season would have been way better as they have suffered greatly due to their obviously terrible defence which have seen them conceding 23 goals so far.

Everton’s star players are being wanted by a number of clubs and fans believed that if any top club came in for them, they would likely make the switch but after their 4-0 victory over Aston Villa in the weekend, the Meyserside Blues find themselves in the 7th position on the English League table and it is starting to look like they could be real contenders with their star men Romelu Lukaku and Ross Barkley scoring two goals each.

The club manager Robert Martinez is now hoping that this will be enough to keep his star players in the club and try to make the club bigger. Lukaku has in recent times been in the news for a multi-million pounds move away to clubs like Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain.

Ross Barkley who has created 24 chances in the English Premier League so far this season is also wanted by a number of top clubs while the Toffees strong centre-back, John Stones, is hotly being pursued by Barcelona, Manchester United and Chelsea.

It remains to be seen if Martinez’s confidence will rub off on the players and if this will be enough to make them stay or if the bids for the players will be too high for the club to reject.

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