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John Stones To Join Chelsea As John Terry Replacement

The John Stones transfer saga between Everton and Chelsea has sparked off a lot of comments recently among legends with former Everton Striker Andy Gray being the most recent person to have something to say about Chelsea’s pursuit of John Stones.

It is no news that the Blues have tagged John Stones has a long term replacement for skipper John Terry but however Everton has constantly rejected Chelsea advances for the 21 year old defender insisting that he is not for sale. Nevertheless, Andy Gary is of a contrary belief despite Everton’s stance on not selling stones.

He told talkSPORT that “Chelsea see John Stones as the ideal replacement for John Terry, without a shadow of doubt, so it is a case of how much he is worth to Chelsea,”  “I think Everton know that now. That is maybe why Chelsea will have to up the ante a bit but I do think sometime this month Chelsea will take John Stones and make him their player.“I would be amazed if, at the end of August, John Stones is still at Everton.”. e. “It is still a work in progress for Roberto Martinez and if the bid is £35million to £40million I don’t think Everton can turn that down. “It’s sad but if £30million to £40million comes in and Roberto spends it well, there is absolutely no reason why Everton can’t benefit from it.”

John Terry’s future was further thrown into uncertainty after being substituted at half-time against Manchester City despite playing all matches for Chelsea last season. The skipper’s Stamford Bridge might be drawing into a close which means Chelsea’s efforts to sign John Stones is bound to be triple than it was before.

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