John Terry Trial: Day 1 AM – Bad breath and c***s

Crown alleges Terry said to Ferdinand: “Fuck off, fuck off, fucking black cunt, fucking nobhead.” Crown says there is “very little dispute” between lipreading experts on what Terry said to Ferdinand but the defence claims it was “sarcastic”.

Footage of the incident was shown which was filmed by Chelsea‬ for “future training purposes” and unbroadcast footage from Sky Sports.

Five days after the game, both players gave statements to the FA. Terry said he used phrase “black cunt” on the pitch but only to ask Ferdinand why he was alleging that the insult had been used. Terry said he made gesture “pretending Mr Ferdinand had bad breath”.

Terry described the argument as a “debate” and told the FA if someone called him an “ugly cunt” he would reply “an ugly cunt? Look at yourself.” He also said he spoke to Ferdinand after game in the Chelsea dressing room and Ferdinand denied that he believed Terry called him a “black cunt”.

Ferdinand claims the disagreement started when he believed Terry unfairly tried to win a penalty. He said “what are you doing?” when Terry went to ground.

Ferdinand admitted to the FA he said to Terry: “How can you call me a cunt, you shagged your team-mate’s missus, you’re the cunt.” Based on lip-reading evidence, Crown says Ferdinand said to Terry: “Oi you shagging ya mates missus”, accompanied by ‘fist gesture’. Ferdinand does his gesture ‘for shagging’ in court, at request of Crown.

Terry told the FA that Ferdinand was the first person to utter the words “black cunt”. He said: “I think he’s accusing me of calling him a “black cunt”. I then take quite a strong offence and I think he starts walking towards me, then I obviously hear the word ‘shagging’, and I don’t want to say it, but if I have to again, ‘shagging Bridge’s missus’.”

Terry claimed goading about alleged affair didn’t make him angry, saying it was “not the first time I’ve heard it so it’s with pinch of salt a little bit.”

Ferdinand also says that after the match, Ashley Cole cold said to him: “You can’t talk to [Terry] like that.” Ferdinand said he replied: “If he’s willing to give it out, he has to take it. I’m a big man if he [Terry] wants to do that [alleged extra-marital affair] he should expect it.”

Today in court, the prosecution asked Ferdinand how many times he and Terry called each other “a cunt”. “I couldn’t tell you” replied Ferdinand.

Ferdinand also said that during the game he did not accuse Terry of using racist language on the pitch. Anton previously told the FA that he only saw footage of Terry incident in QPR players’ lounge after game. His girlfriend showed it to him on his Blackberry on YouTube.

Ferdinand denies accusing Terry of using racist language which challenges Terry’s defence that he said “black cunt” as a “sarcastic exclamation”. Ferdinand tells the court that he didn’t understand why Ashley Cole brought up racial abuse at post-match meeting because he didn’t hear any. Ferdinand admits if he had heard racial abuse there “would have been an altercation. Not on the pitch but somewhere.”

When the defence barrister cross-examined Ferdinand he asked if he deliberately used his forearm and elbow to challenge Terry in back of the head during the match, ahead of the incident.

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