John Terry Trial: Day 3 AM – Fat Paddy Kenny and four f***s

The day started with Anton Ferdinand’s parents finding Terry supporters in the seats they had been sitting in on Monday and Tuesday. The Terry supporters refused to move and the Ferdinands complained to the officials.

Duncan Penny, the Crown prosecution, suggested there was a discrepancy between what Terry told the FA about incident in October and his version of events now. He highlighted fact that Terry told FA he didn’t hear what Ferdinand was saying when he made ‘fist gesture’, but now he says that he did.

Then, after showing slow motion footage of the incident, which just focusses on Terry, Penny argues Terry was not repeating what Ferdinand had said, as he claimed yesterday, but was insulting him.

Penny: “His [Ferdinand] words [according to JT] were ‘calling me a black cunt’ but you added ‘fucking’ by way of description”. Penny argued that Terry “added” the word “fucking” to what he claims Ferdinand said. The prosecution showed footage of critical exchange in intricate detail in attempt to show Terry’s words were abusive and not repetitive.

Prosecution scutinised an 8 second exchange between Terry and Ferdinand. “Four fucks came out of your mouth and three were directed at Mr Ferdinand.”

Penny shows that Terry appears to also utter the word “and”. “How does that ‘and’ fit in?”. Terry: “I’m not too sure how that fits in”

Penny: “Did you say ‘And yours you black cunt’? As in ‘I have shagged your missus as well'”. The prosecution alleging that Terry “lost it” because he’d had enough of being humiliated in public.

Terry: “Why would this incident tip me over the edge when I’ve heard it (goading over Bridge) a million times before?” Penny: “Mr Bridge refused to shake your hand. You were all over every form of media. 18 months later he wouldn’t leave it alone.”

Yesterday, Terry was seen making gestures about the size of QPR goalkeeper, Paddy Kenny. Terry acknowledged that he was blowing out his cheeks to imply that Kenny was fat.

Penny: “You used ‘black’ because it was a feature of him you chose to pick out. Like Paddy Kenny is ‘fat’ and other people are ugly.” The prosectuion are suggesting that Terry didn’t think that Ferdinand hadn’t made a racist accusation because Ferdinand would have reacted differently. Penny suggests Terry has come up with “elaborate flannel” about what was said and claims he only wanted to see Ferdinand after the game once he had become aware that the racist abuse had been caught on camera. Terry claims the meeting took place 20 minutes after the game whilst Ferdinand said it was 45 minutes after.

Penny: “..whether your mouth had been caught on TV, or someone knew it was going off on You Tube, you knew you had a problem. You were trying to smooth it over & put it to bed weren’t you?” Terry: “No that’s not true.” Penny: “The truth is you crossed the line and you’ve regretted it ever since. You’ve had to stick with this story.” Terry: “I disagree.”

Terry’s cross-examination finised at 11am which was followed by a 15 minute break before Ashley Cole was then called as a witness.

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