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Jose Mourinho Feels Arsene Wenger Is Entitled To Handshake Snub

The verbal altercation between Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho and his London rival Arsene Wenger seems far from over as the Frenchman allegedly snub the Portuguese even with Mourinho’s claim of not having any issue with wenger, after the Gunners 1-0 victory over Chelsea in the community shield match on Sunday.

The Special One believes that handshake is a matter of choice as he might sometimes not be in the mood for such pleasantries. When face with Sky Sport and quizzed over the handshake issue, Mourinho made bare his mind when he said:

“I don’t want to make a story of it. If you walk in the street you are not obliged to say hello or shake your hand with anyone.

“In a sport team or institution it’s a bit different. I thought about my club and players and the winners and the stadium but I don’t think a manager has to shake hands with another if he doesn’t want to.”

Bearing in the mind the continuous snub and burst up between the two, Mourinho has over his press briefings taunted Arsene Wenger as a ‘Specialist in Failure’ and called him other names. There is absolutely no need to exhibit such demeanour that is far from real sportsmanship.

Last season, both managers were invited by Premier League officials after a touch line drama that involved physical contact between both managers in the technical area of Mourinho. But the Portuguese snubbed the meeting .

Meanwhile, Chelsea FC will kick-start their title defence against Swansea this weekend and Mourinho will be hoping to lead the Blues to their fourth Premier League title under his tutelage.

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