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Jose Mourinho Hints at Major Premier League Comeback in a Rare Interview

Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has spoken for the first time since reports emerged that he will be taking over as Manchester United manager next season and he has hinted that he could be set to take over from Louis van Gaal.

Mourinho has stated that he is not ready to manage a club outside England but insists he is ready to leave London, and this has added fuel to speculation concerning van Gaal’s future at Manchester United.

Mourinho has been out of football scenes for six weeks after being showed the exit door by Chelsea after a woeful start to the season. The Special One say he is desperate to get back into the game and will be back in management shortly.

Speaking to Daily Mail, the Portuguese coach said: “For sure I’ll be back soon. I always said I need competition – I need competition every week.”

“I am not enjoying it [not working]. I can have my family, I can have my friends, I can have my quiet life, which I also like, and I can have my football. I can have everything together and I don’t need to give up on one of them.

“To be fully happy I need everything, so I go back to football. I think it’s my natural habitat. I have worked since I can remember, and as a manager since 2000.”

“I stopped when I left Chelsea in 2007, for a few months, and now is the second time I stop in 15 or 16 years, so it is not a drama. But for sure, I will be back soon.”

Speaking to GQ, Mourinho explained:  “When my kids were younger, we could move a lot, experience different countries and in my case different clubs, different football.”

“But there was a moment where they needed some stability: so we made a decision three years ago to move back to London, and we manage my professional life around that.

“It’s an amazing place to live, amazing for them to study and search for their future, and for the family to be together.”
Giving more assurance that he needs to stay in England, he said: “At this moment I don’t have a job, and I don’t know where football will take me, because in football you never know.”

“But for sure for sure for sure, as a family, our home will still be England, our home will be in London. But obviously I am ready to move.

“As a professional, I am ready to move, especially because football in London for me, in terms of clubs… I think it is clear that I have to move.”

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