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Jose Mourinho’s future has been decided

Chelsea’s season keeps getting worse. The London club suffered yet another defeat of their season, as they suffered a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Leicester City at King Power Stadium last night. But, according to Sky Sports, manager Jose Mourinho’s job is still not in danger despite his constant struggles to turn around the Blues’ season.

Last night’s result was League Champions’ ninth defeat in 16 League games. They now sit just one point above the relegation zone. After the game, Mourinho reiterated his desire to stay as Blues’ manager: “I want to stay, and I hope Mr Abramovich and the board want me to stay. When some of your players don’t hit the levels, they are capable of it is hard to see. This season we are doing so bad for some reason.

“To turn things around, I know only one way, working at the top level. Day by day in training I have no complaints with them. But it is frustrating to see what they are doing in training and what they do in matches.”

He also revealed that he felt betrayed by his players after the defeat. He said: “We conceded two goals that were unacceptable. One of my best qualities is to read the game, read the opponent and identify everything about them for my players. I feel like my work was betrayed.

“When you have some players, especially in some crucial positions don’t reach that level, it’s difficult. All last season I did phenomenal work and I brought them to a level which is not their level. It’s more than they really are. All this season we are doing so bad that the players, not all of them of course, makes it so, so difficult.”

The London club will face relegation-threatened Sunderland in their next league game at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.


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