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Jurgen Klopp Confirms He Will Like To Coach In The Premier League

Dortmund is currently languishing in the relegation zone, just 12 games into the season and Jurgen Klopp is beginning to reconsider his stance with the Bundesliga club.

With his club in the habit of selling its best players every season, the manager’s job has not been made easier and it finally seems like Klopp may be ready to move on;

“… I am 46 and in some cases of life its not so young and in some cases its young enough. I have to work for a few more years and maybe then in the future when my English is better, maybe then I will come to England. This grass isn’t always greener and my biggest skill is to see luck when I have it. So I don’t think about different clubs and I never said the name of one club or the other” – Jurgen Klopp

With the Bundesliga firmly in the grasp of rivals Bayern Munich, the Dortmund manager may not have much of a choice but to abandon ship.

What’s sure is that a fair portion of Premier league clubs would want to hire a man who guided an underperforming Dortmund to two successive Bundesliga titles and a Champions League final.

Klopp roused and reinvigorated the Dortmund side, restoring pride and smashing the domestic domination of their rivals Bayern

He would be a crowd pleaser as well, with Touch line antics and exciting interviews to boot. Klopp compares his team’s style on the pitch to thrash metal- offensive, high intensity and high tempo. You would certainly get good value for a season ticket, to continuously watch the Dortmund team.

The 47 year old tactician has a style that could fit in well with both Arsenal and Liverpool, both of whom are languishing on 8th and 12th respectively on the Premier league table.

With the jobs of the Frenchman Arsene Wenger and the Englishman Brendan Rodgers under threat, the German is in pole position to replace these two, if there services were ever dispensed with.

The German had severally been made numerous offers to leave the Bundesliga but had reportedly turned them all down. However, with the big brother status of Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga seemingly not coming to an end any time soon, Klopp is continually fighting a losing battle to achieve top spot in the league.

With injuries to key players like Marco Reus and with the club in a relegation battle so close to mid season, it seems like a case of finally leaving the club on his own terms with Liverpool a likely destination.

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