Arsenal Injury News

Latest Arsenal Injury News – Chamberlain, Ospina, Arteta, Bellerin & Ramsey

Part of the greatest undoing of Arsenal over recent time is the amount of injuries the players sustain over the course of a season.

Among those sidelined with injuries has been Arsenal captain Mikel Arteta and amiable shot stopper David Ospina but the cheering news today is that the duo are already back in full training.

On a positive note also, Wenger confirmed that Ramsey and Chamberlain who both suffered hamstring injuries could be back after the international break for the game against West Brom.

Ramsey and Chamberlain picked up the injuries while playing against Everton and Sheffield Wednesday respectively and despite the return of Ospina and Arteta, the aforementioned four players will not play in the Champions League match.

However, the injury news was confirmed on the website of Arsenal in the interview preceding Arsenal Champions League clash against Bayern Munich.

“They are all very close. I think Arteta will be back in full training on Friday, Ospina as well. After the break, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Ramsey [could be] back as well.”

Following the amount of injuries Arsenal players sustain, the Gunners signed fitness coaches Barry Solan and James Haycock to help stem the tide of their injuries woes. They need to step up their work if Arsenal want to win the League.


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