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Latest Liverpool Injury Update

There’s cheering news for Liverpool as injured striker has hinted that he is making appreciable progress and will return as a better player.

Prior to his injury, Danny Ings was impressive for the Reds as he scored twice for the Kop before he had a setback in training on his return.

Sadly though, he has been ruled out of the season after he ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament. He is already in the gym for his rehabilitation. Apparently, he has set his sight to return as a better player when he said:

“When you do get injured that is when you really earn your money because you are in the gym and having to fight to get yourself physically ready to go back in and get back to the standard,” Ings told the Daily Express.

“Being here at Liverpool it is going to be important to make sure I’m eating right, sleeping right, taking my vitamins, doing my gym work, icing my knee and resting every day.

“Otherwise you are playing catch-up. You have to be more dedicated when you are injured because there is more of a mountain to climb to reach the top.”

Liverpool new boss Jurgen Klopp inherited a team that was banjaxed with injury. However, the return the Benteke bolstered the squad and Klopp will be looking to the January transfer window to sign some players.


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