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Liverpool boss brands Suarez’s cheating admission “unacceptable”

Luis Suarez has admitted to diving, namely that embarrassing occasion against Stoke City, but claims the media make more of a fuss about him cheating because the media is controlled by Manchester United.

“Sometimes you do things on the field that later you think ‘why the hell did I do that?’ People say I throw myself all the time inside the box. They said that when we played against Stoke, for instance, and in that case they were right. I invented a foul because we were drawing against Stoke and I wanted to win.”

Suarez said he got more attention than other players who cheated because his name sold newspaper,

“The name of Suarez sells papers,” he said. “The media make up a lot of things about me because they want to sell papers. I say to the media: you should talk more about football, not about other stuff. But as I have said: Manchester United controls the media, they are powerful and the media will always help them.”

You would think that Suarez was used to being an unpopular player, after being banned for 7 games for biting an opponent when he played in Holland, costing Ghana their place in the World Cup semi-finals after using his hand to stop a goal in the dying minutes of extra time, and being found guilty of racially abusing an opponent. It’s odd that he would think that the media target him because they’re controlled by United, rather than accepting the truth, that is a deeply unpopular person because of the way he behaves on the football pitch.

Regardless, Brednan Rodgers has reacted angrily to Suarez’s admission of cheating.

“I think it is wrong,” he said. “It is unacceptable. I have spoken to Luis and it will be dealt with internally.”

You can only assume that Rodgers didn’t see Suarez’s dive against Stoke, because it’s not as if the Uruguayan has revealed anything we didn’t already know.

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