Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool can finally sign La Liga midfielder Ignacio Camacho for cheap

From being of the most prominent names in the history of football, Liverpool is no more than a mere shadow of its older self now. With the trophy days well gone by, Liverpool has turned pretty shabby over the years.

But in recent history, this is the brightest Liverpool football fans have seen in a while, much thanks to Jurgen Klopp and his brilliant tiny little tactical games. For years it seems, every team of Liverpool has lacked x factor.

One or two players in important positions went missing and hence causing troubles with endless suffers. One of the biggest concerns for them now is their holding midfielders, who are not really contributing much defensively.

It’s been a while Klopp has been on the radar searching for a proper midfielder who fulfills his criteria. With the transfer window just around the corner, it is being strongly rumored that the All Reds are now the new favorites to get hands on Ignacio, the Spanish born midfielder who currently plays for Malaga.

However, Liverpool is not the only club interested in him. The Spurs from London want him as much as bad as well but the word in the streets suggests that Liverpool with economic reinforcements will beat Spurs to it.
So, is this finally happening? Will the Spanish finally settle his sail at Liverpool? Is Jurgen going for the right one? Or is this one more ‘Normal one’ coming at Anfield?

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