Liverpool fans get their hopes up for nothing

Luis Suarez was given a heroes welcome at Anfield recently, despite making it clear he wanted to leave the club, giving numerous interviews over the summer stating his desire to move to Real Madrid.

The reputation of Liverpool FC has been dragged through the mud in recent years, with the players and manager, Kenny Dalglish, opting to wear t-shirts with a picture of Suarez on after he was found guilty of racially abusing Manchester United’s Patrice Evra. Suarez then refused to shake hands with Evra when he returned from suspension and played at Old Trafford, much to the embarrassment of the club and manager, but again they stuck by him.

Towards the end of the season he bit Branislav Ivanovic, the second time in his career that he has done such a thing, and again the club stuck by him.

Yet still, despite their constant support, Suarez has thrown it back in their face, preferring to play for last season’s 4th best side. It was surprising that he was then given a hero’s welcome when confronted with the fans for the first time.

After his appearance at Anfield, with Arsenal the only club keen enough to put in a bid for him, the player gave an interview with The Guardian reiterating his desire to swap Liverpool for Arsenal.

Brendan Rodgers was furious, insisting that the player wouldn’t be sold but he had would have to apologise to his team mates before being allowed to play. The press reported that Suarez had no intention of apologising, with him believing the club owed him an apology for not adhering to their agreement from last summer to let him leave if a club in the Champions League made a bid. Rodgers says no such discussion took place.

Much to the relief of Liverpool fans, it was reported yesterday that Suarez had taken it all back and decided to stay at the club.

He was quoted in El Observador as saying: “For now, owing to all the affection of the people, I would be staying.”

Liverpool fans united in their forgiveness of the Uruguayan, far too eager to have their world class player back in the ranks to be bothered by his disgraceful lack of loyalty.

But then later on that evening, having played for Uruguay in a friendly against Japan, Suarez denied making those comments.

“I didn’t say that. Maybe someone else did and the main thing is that I am here now with the national team.”


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