Youngster to Join Liverpool

Liverpool star’s transfer revelation: This is why I wanted Anfield switch

James Milner, a Leeds fan since his early days of football, has recently expressed his views on joining Liverpool in the last summer. Milner spoke to the press about it and talked about the atmosphere of Anfield. He believes the atmosphere of the club is fantastic and he seemed determined about his motive.

Also, he mentioned about his willingness to win silverwares for the all reds. He also mentioned how Liverpool is getting better all the time and he wants to win the Europa trophy and fulfil his motive.

The improvement under Jurgen Klopp has been noticed lately by everyone including the rival-watch. James also remembered to hail his current boss and he sees him as one of the best there is.

The English national also explained how much versatility and self-will one needs in the game. He sees playing as a job no different than the other ones. According to him, you have to give in a 100% every day.

He also talked about how difficult it has been to be playing under too many coaches but he thinks it’s a part of the game itself. The versatility surely counts and adds up to one’s tally of experiences.
Milner, a natural winger, who moved to Anfield on a free transfer last summer seems to be pleasantly happy with his days in the red side of Merseyside. With all his goals set, Milner seems pretty confident about his days ahead with the All Reds.

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