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Liverpool To Sign A Replacement For Injury Prone Daniel Sturridge

Daniel Sturridge is undoubtedly the best striker at Anfield and has been in a good enough form since he started featuring as a lone striker for Liverpool. However, the Reds still miss the quality and guarantee of a good striker since Luis Suarez left for Barcelona and this is not because Sturridge does not score goals as he has scored 37 goals in 58 Premier League appearances, including 21 goals in the 2013/14 season.

The problem however lies in the fact that, Daniel Sturridge does not seem to know how to stay away from injuries and this has been a major problem for Liverpool as they have had to cope with his on and off method.

Phil Thompson has therefore stated that Liverpool may need to buy a new striker if Daniel Sturridge continues to be sidelined by injuries.

Sturridge is currently out of action because of an injury which is his sixth injury in two seasons, and Thompson believes the Reds may need to consider an “upgrade”.

He said, “He is what we need and what’s been missing.” “But if he’s not playing, and every week he’s missing far more games, then I think there’s going to be question marks over him.”

“With these owners who work on the moneyball situation, how many minutes you are on the pitch, how much you’re getting paid… is somebody out there better? And that’s where it comes.”

“They’re going to have to maybe look for an upgrade on Daniel Sturridge come January, or after that, because you cannot keep going like this without having a person of his quality not on the pitch.”

My candid opinion however is that Liverpool should offload all of their other useless strikers and get a fine striker as a backup for Sturridge or as the main striker with Sturridge as backup or Liverpool may never be able to do well in any competition. We’ll see what Klopp decides.

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