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London Return Likely For Lukas Podolski

With one more season left on his current contract, and with no possibility of an extension, Germany international, Lukas Podolski has expressed his desires to return to the Emirates by next season. The 30 year-old World Cup failed to make an impact in the EPL since signing for the Gunners seasons ago, and was sent on loan to Inter Milan in January. His time is the Serie A wasn’t a success either, as he could only find the back of net once, making the San Siro side opt out of signing him on permanent basis.

Podolski currently earns £90,000 Pounds weekly according to his on-going contract, and there won’t be need for Arsenal to keep him at the Emirates any longer as he has failed to justify such fees. It could rather be used to acquire the services of a young player who will contribute to the side immensely, as opposed to a benchwarmer. The presence of of Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will see Lukas spend more time on the bench if he opts to return to the side. There are rumours that a move back to the Bundesliga could be in the offing, Podolski however says,

“There’s bound to be speculation in the coming weeks, but at the moment it looks like I will be going back to London. Things can always change, but if needs be I will remain at Arsenal next season. They are a great club and I think I can help them. I can confirm there has been no interest from Werder Bremen.

The player continues to counter opinions that he is better off hanging the boot soon. He believes he has more years of football in his legs, and a burning desire to continue in the game. But it’s not likely to be at the Emirates.

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