Luis Suarez Tells Liverpool £165,000-A-Week Target To Consider Transfer

Former Spanish international, Luis Suarez Miramontes has advised Cavani to quit Paris. The 79 year old former Barcelona, who shouldn’t be mistaken for Uruguayan Luis Suarez, believes that ever since Cavani’s move to PSG last season, he has become “a normal player who just works for Ibra”. Speaking to France Football, he further said “sometimes, despite wanting to make things better, you actually make the situation worse. So, I think it would be better for him (Cavani to leave) and the club because Zlatan is more complete and stronger”.

This is sound advice for Cavani, and the decision to either leave or stay put rests with him. The question of why he has failed to impress for PSG should be the factor that decides his next step. Ever since signing for PSG from Napoli, he has been played out of position several times, as his preferred position is Ibra’s position and there is no way on earth that he would bench Ibra. This would have been obvious to him right before he signed for PSG, and why he would go ahead to still sign for PSG underlines the fact that he didn’t think it well.

In staying, he will be fighting everyday to impress and this will increase the  pressure on him and ultimately like Luis pointed out, be detrimental to not just him but the club as well. There is always that tendency though that, staying might play out well for him. Ibrahimovic is not getting younger and soon he will be hanging his boots, and Cavani can step into the limelight. But how soon this will happen is another matter.  Or he could move to the premier league. Let’s admit it, Cavani is an A list player who if he is made available on the transfer market will command a huge fee and lots of potential suitors. The likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City, and Man Utd will certainly battle it out to sign him and moving to the premier league will certainly do wonders for his morale and reputation. Taking a cue from his fellow country man Luis Suarez (who light up the premier league with his goals and controversies), there is a certainty of him being a huge star in the country (devoid of course of the controversies that followed his country man). Already, the premier league seems to be missing the goal scoring ability and eye catching performances Suarez was always associated with, and in Cavani, is an apt replacement who could be making the move sooner rather than later.

PSG’s loss will certainly be the gain of whatever club eventually signs him, and that’s if he (Cavani) looks to move, and he has to, before he fades into obscurity. Come on, who doesn’t remember Cavani from his time at Napoli, where not only was he a fan favorite!, he was the main man and star of attraction. And he was banging in goals like it was second nature to him, but now at PSG, he cuts a sad figure, and worse, he is forever in Ibrahimovic’s shadow, and struggles hard to be who he once was

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