Luke Shaw Injury Update

Amidst fears that Manchester United left-back Luke Shaw might not be able to play football at the top level again, Ex Manchester United physio Matt Radcliffe has offered insight on the injury sustained by Luke Shaw claiming that the 20 year old’s injury will not have an long term effect on his career.

The 20 year old was unfortunate to be the victim of a hard tackle by PSV Eindhoven’s Hector Moreno which saw Shaw suffer a double fracture on his right leg. Shaw was starting to make his mark at United this season after a frustrating first season plagued with injuries. The 20 year old could only create 14 chances for United last season just below Antonio Valencia who created 26 chances. Along with Darmian on the right side, both United players have been sensational in the first few games of the season.

The English man will feel undone succumbing to such a lengthy injury just when things were starting to go well for him at the club. However in United’s darkness, a ray of light has been shone into the situation as Matt Radcliff has stated that the 20 year old  will not suffer any long-term problems despite the magnitude of his injury.

He said: “Luke is a sensible lad and even though this will be a difficult period for him, he will quickly appreciate that he has plenty of years ahead of him to achieve everything he wants in the game. We are talking here about a kid who is only 20 and, the way the medical profession can deal with this kind of major injury now, it shouldn’t have any effect on him in the long term.”

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