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Man Utd have finally made a move to sign Mourinho in last 72hrs

3 days can be a very long time in Premier League football; but it can be a different lifetime in Manchester United. In what is proving to be the transfer saga of the summer, United seem to have, possibly, made up their minds in the past 3 days about who will lead the club next year.

3 options have been passed round the media as to who will be in charge come August this year when the Premier League starts again. Option number 1 says that Louis Van Gall will be given another season to prove his worth after gaining a little consistency towards the end of this year. He blooded some great youngsters and they should step up and produce the goods in the coming season.

Option 2 involves Laurent Blanc replacing LVG, meaning long-term managerial target Ryan Giggs gets to stay at the club as the pair have worked together. It might not excite the fans who were hoping for someone ‘special’, but a few big transfers and it would appease them.

Then there is Jose Mourinho. A serial winner on every continent who would certainly get United moving in the right direction. He might not be interested in the youth team, but he would certainly bring in some big names and grind out some fantastically undeserved results.

The Sunday Telegraph reckons the Manchester bosses are going for the 3rd option. The decision has been made over the weekend to bring Jose into the club and announce him as manager in the coming days.
They state that the hierarchy did not want to undermine LVG whilst the players were still trying to qualify for the Champions League and win the FA Cup. This sounds reasonable

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