mourinho under fire

Man Utd set to complete 2nd summer transfer for No. 10 in next few weeks

Portuguese newspapers have reportedly claimed that Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United could come to an agreement for Joao Mario. The Red Devils have been heavily linked with the midfielder and have went as far as scouting the player.

The fee has yet to be agreed upon yet it is believed that Sporting Lisbon are standing firm Mario’s £45 million price – tag on his release clause. Not only that, Sporting Lisbon are defiant that Manchester United should also finalise a deal before the Euros begin.

Now, I’m sure there should be a valid reason why Sporting Lisbon are looking to finalise a transfer so quickly. Yet one will always question, is he really worth it if the club is hurriedly looking for his exit. Are they perhaps afraid that United might come across better, and cheaper targets during the Euros? Very suspicious.

Sporting’s youth academy has developed a solid reputation for establishing many of Portugal’s most promising young stars such as  Luís Figo and Cristiano Ronaldo. Mario looks to be amongst that bracket as the attacking youngster looks to develop further.

Mario has a natural technical ability and innate football intelligence. Very few can claim such talents. João Mário is a typical No. 10 as he has strong attacking contributions. However, he is still young and has much to learn before he is the final product.

Yet it is an investment that’s seems worth analysing the risk of as the midfielder possesses the ability and talent to develop into something special yet at 23 surely he should have been somewhat more established. He surely had the skill to help his country and any future club which he could play for.

In the early period of this campaign, Mario has showed sparks of brilliance. The midfielder has advanced his way into Sporting’s midfield and as a regular for the clubs he has played regularly in the Champions League campaign. One can add that he appears to belong and gel well in the starting 11.
Mario has received his first caps at full international level for Portugal and he will be looking to establish himself as a regular there as well. Rushing into a deal does not seem like a rational idea under any circumstances especially when such large sums of money are concerned.

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