Manchester City star makes a fool out of himself

As I’m sure you are well aware, today is Yaya Toure’s birthday. We all know this because the player’s agent, Dmitri Seluk, has claimed that the player will probably leave this summer because Manchester City didn’t show him enough attention.

Toure then went on Twitter to support his agent’s claims.


Whilst this would be ridiculous enough, even if the story stopped there, it’s worth pointing out that City didn’t forget his birthday. Aside from wishing him a ‘Happy Birthday’ on Twitter, the club actually presented the player with a cake.

“Honestly, it’s not 100% he will stay at Manchester City, it’s better to say 50/50,” Seluk said. “I tell you this is not about cake, more importantly it is about attention. Yaya can buy cake for everybody and it’s no problem from him. When Yaya is on the pitch he works very hard for the entire 90 minutes. He takes the ball from his own half and runs the entire length of the field and scores beautiful goals, there aren’t too many players who can do this. He has motivation to pay well for City, he fights for City, but he feels he fights for the team and the club forget about him. It’s very upsetting for him. When the club celebrated winning the Premier League, everything was good. Yaya had a great season and everybody at Manchester City was together. But nobody said congratulations to Yaya for his performances, and that made Yaya think the club doesn’t respect him and don’t give him enough attention. Of course it’s not a question about the money, his relationship with the club is the most important thing to Yaya. The attention a player has at a club, the more motivation they have for the future there.”

Even worse, the player then took to Twitter to confirm that the club had sent him a card.



If Yaya Toure wants out of The Project (TM), then why not say so? It surely would be less humiliating than making a fuss over bloody attention on his birthday!

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