Manchester City striker: I’d rather be in Argentina

Carlos Tevez’s Manchester City future has been put in doubt yet again after he revealed yesterday he’d rather be playing for Boca Juniors today than playing at the Etihad against Fulham.

Tevez has repeatedly spoken of his unhappiness at Manchester City, with it reaching a climax last season when he went on holiday, against the wishes of the club, for several months. He was widely criticised by fans when pictured playing golf, whilst his club were in the midst of a tough title battle, which in the end they won on goal difference alone. He then returned and celebrated in front of City fans by mimicking a golf swing. Tevez has also been caught on film saying “Fuck them!” about his club during one of the many bust ups.

“It is my desire to return to Boca, but it’s very difficult,” said Tevez yesterday. “I’m dying to wear the shirt of Boca again, but with the contract that I have here it’s very difficult for me to leave. It is what I want… I would rather play Boca – River than against Fulham tomorrow.”

Tevez then accused the club of lying about him, saying all he wanted to do was give 100% on the pitch, but the club had questioned that.

“Nobody kicked me out of City, they sent me to play in the reserves and I didn’t want to, so I found myself on my own,” he went on to say. Roberto Mancini famously declared that the striker was “finished” at the club and Tevez was accused of not caring about the club that paid him such astronomical wages. The striker was quick to refute any such claims: “I do play for the shirt, people here at City lied.”

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